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20130728-31 San Francisco20130731 San Francisco to Napa20130801 Napa to Mendacino20130802 Mendacino to Gold Beach20130803 Gold Beach to Seaside OR20130804 Seaside OR20130804 Seaside to Seattle20130804-06 Seattle WA20130806 Coeur d'Alene20130806 Seattle to Coeur d'Alene20130807 Coeur d'Alene to Big Sky20130807-08 Big Sky20130808 Yellowstone20130809 Yellowstone to Jackson WY20130809-11 Jackson Hole WY20130811 Jackson WY to Cedar City UT20130812 Cedar City UT to Las Vegas20130812-14 Las Vegas20130814 Las Vegas to Los Angeles20130814-16 Los Angeles20130816 Los Angeles to Moonstone Beach20130817 Moonstone Beach to Monterey20130817-18 Monterey CA20130818 Monterey to San Francisco20130818 San Francisco20130818 San Francisco Return20130819 San Francisco20130820 San Francisco